Being a leader today requires more "executive presence" than ever. Marc Raybin, Cardinal's president, was honored to pen a guest piece for Training Magazine about this important topic. 

Click here to read Marc's article.

Knowing what reporters want from public relations pros can be confusing at times. For instance, what is the best way to ask for a correction or a rewrite without burning your relationship with the editor and publication?

Respected industry trade publication PRDaily asked Cardinal Communications Strategies' President Marc Raybin to get some answers. To help...

With the growing number of newly-formed private equity firms comes increased competition for investor dollars. If both established firms and emerging managers want to gain the attention of LPs in the race for both deal flow and capital commitments they will need to leverage the power of public relations. 

Public relations industry trade CommPRO publis...

 Cringe-worthy: The looks on their faces say it all

You do not have to be a pro athlete to know how to manage an off-kilter interview from a reporter - you just need the skills of a PR pro.

Popular industry trade publication PRDaily published an article authored by Cardinal Communications Strategies' President Marc Raybin that provided a few easy-...

When PR pro Michelle Garrett, one of the most prolific content producers in the business, was writing her holiday piece about creative gift ideas for PRDaily she turned to Marc Raybin from Cardinal Communications Strategies for some comic relief. Click here to read Marc's tongue-in-cheek response. 

What would you have wished for?

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