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Cardinal Contributes Insights for LJOPR Industry Newsletter

When our friends from LJOPR approached us about sharing our thoughts on the value of bylined articles, expertise on how to react to a negative news piece and examples of how fund managers are successfully leveraging the power of social media, we did not have to be asked twice. These are some of our favorite topics and we were happy to oblige.

To start, we made the case for why Bylines Remain as Important Today as They Ever Were.

Although many clients simply do not have the time to focus on writing a thought leadership piece, this communications tool continues to be important. Having a skilled PR firm on hand to facilitate content creation is key. After laying out the groundwork for why guest articles are important, we followed up with Committing to a Guest-Writing Program is (Vital and) Easy; Now Comes the Hard Part.

In our age of ceaseless communications and the ability to react nearly instantly, it can be difficult to know when, how and if a response should be made. Would sending out that quickfire retort help a client's cause or would it simply prolong the pain by keeping the news cycle alive? Financial fund managers are particularly open to criticism these days and should take the time to read our story: A News Piece Just Tore Your Firm to Shreds, Now What?

Speaking of fund managers, we took a look at how some alternative investment firms are navigating the often choppy and fickle waters of social media. Even if you do not manage a billion-dollar fund, you should consider reading what we wrote about in Making the Case for Hedge Fund Managers to Leverage the Power of Social Media.

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