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Cardinal's Marc Raybin Leads Personal Branding Talk with DePaul's PRAD Class

When you have taken that leap of faith in starting your own public relations agency, separating between the person and the company can be a difficult and confusing task at times, especially when you start out as the sole employee of the firm.

Marc Raybin shared his own key learnings - so far - with DePaul University's public relations and advertising (PRAD) graduate students since starting Cardinal Communications Strategies in a fun, fast-paced and honest 60-minute discussion.

Marc encouraged the students, led by instructor Ron Culp, a well-known and highly respected Chicago PR veteran, to ask themselves four questions before hanging up their own shingles:

1. Why are you doing this?

2. What is your specialty?

3. How do you want to be perceived?

4. Are you prepared to work smarter AND harder than the competition?

The good news is that based on the give-and-take with DePaul's PRAD students, the future of the public relations industry has never looked better.

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